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Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Chicago, IL & Suburbs

Has Your Commercial Facility Sustained Fire Damage? We Can Help!

You do your best to prepare your business for emergencies, but fires are a devastating force. They can damage and destroy commercial properties in Chicagoland. In fact, fires account for 3% of workplace accidents. ServiceMaster of Lake Shore understands how badly the aftermath of a destructive fire can impact your business, your customers and your employees.

cleaning fire damage from a chicago storeWhether a blaze is small or large, it always leaves behind significant fire damage. In addition to the problems caused by the flames, you’re probably also dealing with smoke and soot damage, as well as water damage resulting from the fire department’s suppression systems and firefighters’ efforts.

There are so many things to address after a fire at your business. It all seems overwhelming. You need a skilled, local restoration team to help you navigate the process and minimize business interruptions.

That’s where ServiceMaster of Lake Shore steps in. Established in 1996, we specialize in emergency services focused on complete fire damage cleanup, restoration, and reconstruction for commercial properties in downtown Chicago, River North, the Gold Coast, Millennium Park and across the suburbs.

Our team of certified, OSHA compliant technicians restore your property and pave the way for operations to resume once more. Whether you’re a business owner, property manager, or building supervisor, you can count on us for expert industry-certified restoration services.

Our fire and smoke restoration services cover these properties and more:

• Office buildings
• Retail centers
• Healthcare facilities
• Universities and schools
• Restaurants and hotels
• Entertainment venues
• Financial institutions
• Churches and religious facilities
• Warehouse facilities
• Factories and industrial sites

When you contact us for commercial fire restoration services in Chicago, you can trust us for a fast response. We manage the project every step of the way, from initial cleaning of all affected areas to addressing all fire damages property-wide.

We know that every hour we spend restoring your business is an hour of lost revenue and productivity for you, so we make it a priority to complete the job as soon as possible and get your doors open again.

Get back to business quickly. Let ServiceMaster of Lake shore restore your property to pre-fire condition. Call: 312-707-8597

Types of Commercial Fire Damage Situations We Service Across Chicagoland

restaurant fire damage chicago ilFire and smoke damage doesn’t discriminate. It can affect any business at any time. Here at ServiceMaster of Lake Shore, our team offers restoration services for the following fire damage situations and more:

• Fire damage due to vandalism
• Building fires caused by electrical malfunctions
• Fires resulting from HVAC equipment failure
• Fires caused by faulty cooking equipment
• Property fires resulting from human error
• Secondary fire damage from adjacent properties

No job is too large or small for our team. Contact us today to secure the fire damage restoration services your company deserves: (312) 707-8597

Our Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Process for Chicago, IL & Suburbs

While people assume it’s the fire that destroys a structure, smoke causes more damage in some cases. Even a small fire can cause unseen destruction to a building. Generally, a commercial facility requires a site-wide inspection before it can be safely opened for business once more.

Here at ServiceMaster of Lake Shore, our team uses cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art techniques to assess the damage to your commercial property. We present you with a detailed action plan that explains our commercial fire and smoke damage repair and restoration process.

We work quickly. We know that, after a fire, every second wasted means more damage to your property and more downtime for your company’s employees. You need to get your doors open again soon as possible, but you also want to know what to expect.

We adhere to the following 8-step process to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

restoring fire damaged store in chicago il
1. Building Stabilization

Fire compromises the structural integrity of a building. Before we can get to work, we must stabilize and secure the affected areas to ensure that our crew can safely enter and exit the property.

To do this, our team will board up vulnerable areas, such as broken windows and doors, to prevent further damage and secure the building from vandals and bad weather. We’ll place tarps on missing or damaged segments of the roof to protect property interiors from the elements.

2. Water Removal and Drying

The next step in our restoration process will address standing water left over from fire suppression efforts and the building’s fire sprinkler system. We’ll bring in our professional-grade equipment to extract water and dry the affected areas. Our water damage restoration services also include certified mold removal and remediation techniques.

3. Assessment and Pre-cleaning

Next, our crew will inspect the property to determine the scope of fire damages. We’ll note areas that require extensive fire, smoke, and soot remediation and repair. During this phase, we’ll also clear out debris and create a space for restoration to begin.

4. Soot and Smoke Removal

Smoke and soot particles can be as damaging as fire to a property. For example, soot settling on surfaces and permeating walls creates a dangerous carcinogenic risk that can result in long-term health problems. Our technicians will remove soot contamination and smoke stains from all affected areas. Using the latest restoration techniques, we’ll salvage and clean items damaged by smoke and soot.

5. Content Pack-Out

We will identify and clean salvageable items and prepare them for pack-out and storage. This is done following best-practices and local, state, and federal guidelines. The service covers all types of content, from business documents and electronics to personal items.

6. Wall and Ceiling Cleaning

Soot and smoke can wreak havoc on your walls and ceiling. Our team cleans these surfaces to eliminate stains and discoloration. As we work, we tear out and dispose of fire- and water-damaged building materials as needed.

7. Property-Wide Deodorization

Commercial fires leave behind an acrid smell, adding an invisible layer of damage. Even when confined to a small space, the odor spreads to all other areas in the building. We’ll use commercial-grade deodorizers to neutralize fire odors and make your property enjoyable to be in once more.

8. Complete Fire Damage Restoration

Property-wide restoration is the final phase of our commercial fire damage repair process. During this step, we’ll restore your business to its pre-fire condition. Depending on the extent of the damage, we’ll repair or replace drywall and fire-damaged materials, prime and paint walls, and install new carpet and floor coverings. We’ll even reconstruct complete rooms or areas of your business.

From fire damage to smoke damage and odor removal, we’re here for you. Contact our 24/7 service line today to request an on-site inspection: (312) 707-8597

Why Partner with ServiceMaster of Lake Shore?

When it comes to commercial fire damage restoration, you need the job done, and you need it done as soon as possible. So, why choose ServiceMaster to handle your repairs for you? Here are a few of the top reasons our customers keep coming back.

servcemaster chicago fire cleanup crew

Dedicated, emergency response 24/7

We know that fires can happen at any second. That’s why we’re available 24/7, rain or shine, ready to provide emergency restoration assistance and help reduce your losses. When you need a quick response from certified fire damage professionals, we’re ready for your call with immediate dispatch to your location. We even work on holidays!

Personalized service

Your commercial building is the physical representation of your blood, sweat, and tears. We respect that. Our team is dedicated to providing the personalized service all your work deserves.

We use the best fire restoration equipment, techniques and products the industry has to offer. Our one-on-one project managers evaluate your building’s unique situation. We develop a customized restoration plan designed to suit your needs and budget. Our goal is to ensure you get back to work as soon as possible.

We handle your insurance claims

Dealing with fire and smoke damage is stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about the documentation involved in filing a fire damage insurance claim. You don’t have to because we assist you through every critical step. We communicate directly with your insurance carrier, billing them first, and managing the entire claims process.

Transparency and reliability

Suffering through commercial fire damage is stressful. You need a team you can trust. Our restoration company has been in business since 1996. We’ve helped dozens of Chicago-area companies reclaim their businesses after fire damage, and we want to do the same for you. Our expert team is trustworthy, reliable, and always here to put you first.

Contact Us Now to Schedule an Inspection

Nobody wants to deal with recovering from a business fire. If you’ve experienced a fire incident at your commercial property, contact ServiceMaster of Lake Shore. You can depend on our dedicated crew of commercial fire damage restoration experts.

We offer the fast, professional, reliable service you need to get things back to normal. You can trust us to restore your property and your peace of mind. Give our professional team a call today to learn more: 312-707-8597

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