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Water Removal and Extraction Services Chicago IL & Suburbs

Emergency Services from Certified Technicians

Are you looking for water removal services in Chicago, Illinois? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

water extraction chicagoMaybe your flood damage or water damage happened because of a major storm. Maybe you suffered a broken pipe or a backup in your home’s sewage lines. Maybe your shower was just clogged and left to run too long. Or maybe your basement flooded after a heavy downpour. No matter what the case may be, you need immediate assistance from a highly-qualified restoration team.

Here at ServiceMaster of Lake Shore, each of our water restoration vehicles is equipped with industry-leading water extraction and drying equipment that will resolve your water damage quickly and completely. Our moisture testing equipment allows us to keep your home safe from mold and mildew and ensure the extraction process is effective.

Regardless of the severity of your water damage, our experienced teams can handle the process from start to finish. Our techs will extract all water from your property, remove damaged furniture and building materials, and clean the area using disinfecting and deodorizing agents to restore freshness. When that’s all finished, we’ll dry the area thoroughly and work with you and your insurance company to help get life back to normal.

As one of the top water removal services in the Chicago area, we promise that we will help make your property damage a distant memory.

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What is Water Extraction?

Water extraction is the process that restoration companies like ServiceMaster of Lake Shore in Chicago, IL use to remove standing water from your property.

Water extraction is a critical part of the restoration process since it helps minimize damage to a home or business after flooding or water damage.

The water extraction process has a few primary goals:

  • To reduce the risk of damage to personal belongings and valuables.
  • To prevent mold growth that could be dangerous to health and safety.
  • To restore the property to its former condition and make it habitable once more.

We remove water from your property quickly and safely. Call: (312) 707-8597

Our 6-Step Water Removal & Extraction Process

Minutes after your call, our team arrives with the most advanced equipment on the market. We begin the job almost immediately.

Depending on the severity of the water damage, we use pumps and wet/dry vacuums to remove what is left of the water. From there, we bring in an industrial-strength carpet water extractor to pull moisture from your flooring and prepare the carpet and pad for repair.

Once we’ve removed the water, our technicians inspect your carpet and pad, remove anything that is damaged beyond repair, and make a recommendation for the next steps.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of our process:

water removal equipment chicago1. Stop the Flow

The first step of the water extraction and remediation process is to locate and stop the water leak at its source.

Whether the leak is coming from a broken pipe,  or a malfunctioning appliance like a flooded dishwasher, stopping it at the source provides a safe work environment and reduces the likelihood of further damage.

2. Drain the water

Once we’ve stopped the water at its source, we’ll remove visible, standing water to prevent further damage to your property.

We use cutting-edge equipment, including wet vacuums and pumps, to remove the standing water. We’ll also ensure that all utility lines, including electricity, have been turned off during this process.

3. Identify Safety Hazards

Water damage often creates safety hazards. For example, wet electrical sockets or cords can cause life-threatening shocks. Before we begin your water remediation job, we’ll search for and identify safety hazards in the house or building. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may use thermal imaging and moisture meters to identify problem areas.

4. Extract Non-Visible Water and Dry the Area

Even after we’ve removed visible, standing water, moisture can remain in your carpeting, flooring, and building materials.

To remove this moisture, we’ll use industrial-grade extraction equipment. Once all the moisture is gone, we’ll place industrial-grade fans to dry the area and prevent mold and mildew formation.

5. Disinfection and Sanitization

Disinfection and sanitization are critical steps in the water damage restoration process for Chicago, IL homes and businesses. Even after all the excess water is gone, mold and mildew spores can grow in flooring, drywall, and other building materials.

Over time, these spores cause bad smells and dangerous health issues. Our disinfection and sanitization process kills mold and mildew spores and helps ensure safety for you and your family.

6. Dehumidification

Our team uses professional-grade dehumidification equipment to remove all leftover moisture in the air, throughout the home or building. The result is a safe, secure environment that feels like new once more.

Don’t let water damage sit. Call us now: (312) 707-8597

Why Choose ServiceMaster of Lake Shore?

When it comes to water extraction services, you have many choices. So how do you know which company to go for? Here are the top reasons our customers in Chicagoland choose us:

We Bill Your Insurance Directly

We’ll respond immediately to your call because we understand that time is of the essence when water invades your property. Since ServiceMaster of Lake Shore is centrally located, our certified water damage cleanup team arrives on time – every time –  with all the tools necessary to do the job right.

servicemaster of lake shore van

24/7 Emergency Services

Water damage doesn’t always wait for business hours. Fortunately, our team provides 24/7 emergency services to keep you in the green, no matter what time disaster strikes. Call us on a holiday, weekend, or in the middle of the night – we’ll be there to help when you need it.

45 Minute Response Time

Nobody wants to wait for hours or days for water extraction assistance. That’s why our team sticks to a 45-minute response time. When you call us, we’re there fast. After all, we’re centrally located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Why wait for the skilled service you need? Contact our techs for rapid attention and professional assistance now.

Important FAQs

Q: Should I contact my insurance provider?
A: If you’re experiencing water damage, contact your insurance company as quickly as possible. Generally, insurance companies will work with restoration companies like ServiceMaster of Lake Shore to process damage claims and issue payouts. If you’re not sure where to start with your insurance company, our team can help. We work with insurance adjusters every day to streamline the claims process for customers like you.

Q: How long will water restoration take?
A: Depending on the extent of the damage, the water restoration process can take between three days to two weeks. The second phase of the process, which involves repairs and rebuilding (if needed) can take several weeks.

Q: How much does water damage cleanup cost?
It depends on the scope of the project and the severity of the damage. When we arrive at your property, our team will evaluate the damage and explain the overall costs associated with extraction and repair. If you have any questions about the cost of your extraction process, our team will help answer your questions.

Q: Can I DIY my water extraction?
We never recommend DIYing water extraction. The reason is simple: even mild water damage (from a leaky sink or a flooded bathtub, for example) can cause serious structural damage that’s impossible to see with the naked eye. Additionally, even a small water leak can lead to extensive mold and mildew growth, which puts your health and safety at risk. With all of this in mind, we recommend contacting ServiceMaster of Lake Shore as soon as you notice water damage.

Let Us Reclaim Your Property & Peace of Mind

No other restoration company in Chicago will care for you or your home quite like us. If you need professional water removal services, contact our team today for immediate assistance.

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