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Mold Removal & Remediation Chicago IL

Mold can impact the structural integrity of your home or business. Exposure to airborne spores can cause serious health effects including asthma and respiratory problems.

black mold in chicago homeHow do you deal with airborne microorganisms that damage your property and contaminate the air you breathe?

Call Chicago’s most trusted mold removal and mold remediation services. ServiceMaster of Lake Shore takes care of residential and commercial properties all across the city and suburbs. We take care of mold in basements, attics, behind walls, in crawl spaces and ceilings.

We proudly back our work with more than 20 years of proven industry experience.

Our certified mold specialists are standing by ready to respond to your call: 312-707-8597

Why is Mold Growing in My House?

Microscopic mold spores exist virtually everywhere in the natural world, both indoors and outdoors, but can’t be seen without magnification.

While it’s impossible to eliminate all traces of mold from your home, it does not generally cause a problem until higher-than-normal levels of indoor humidity create an environment for the mold spores to grow.

Here are a few of the common factors that lead to mold problems in Chicago and the surrounding areas:

  • Microscopic mold spores enter your home through the HVAC system, through cracks around windows and doors, or even attached to the hair of your indoor/outdoor pets.
  • You experience a water leak, broken pipe, appliance malfunction, or other cause of flooding in your home, which allows present mold spores to begin forming colonies in as little as 48 hours.
  • Your home has higher-than-normal indoor humidity (usually defined as a level higher than 45%), which allows mold growth to begin.
  • Your home was built with damp or wet building materials, which were then sealed behind walls and prevented from drying out, creating the perfect environment for mold growth.

While mold tends to grow in older homes that may have moisture problems, mold can impact new builds, as well.

Don’t let toxic mold grow in your home. Call now: 312-707-8597

Our 2-Step Chicago Mold Removal Process

Our process for solving small and large mold problems involves identification, removal and remediation. We determine where it’s growing, address its source and remove the mold with advanced techniques that prevent its return.

mold removal in chicago il home

These are the steps we take to completely eliminate mold from your home or business.

1) Mold Inspection

• Our property-wide assessment goes beyond mold growth you can see and identifies hidden problems you can’t see.

• We use high-tech thermal scanning to precisely map affected areas and pinpoint original moisture sources.

• After determining the cause of your property’s mold problems, we address repairs to stop further water damage.

• We finish the inspection phase by developing a detailed action plan that outlines exactly what you can expect.

2) Mold Removal

• Our technicians seal off all mold-affected areas in accordance with rigorous health and safety regulations.

• Using specialized HEPA vacuum systems, we begin mold cleanup and removal.

• We safely dispose of unsalvageable materials including baseboards, carpets, flooring and drywall.

• Affected areas are cleaned, dried and disinfected as air scrubber equipment removes microscopic airborne spores.

• After final mold cleanup, we apply our unique remediation process to ensure mold doesn’t return.

Why Choose ServiceMaster of Lake Shore for Mold Removal?

servicemaster mold remediation team in chicagoWe Eliminate Hidden Mold Growth

Our comprehensive mold inspection process allows us to determine the extent of mold growth in Chicago crawl spaces, attics, basements and walls. From subflooring to ceilings, we know how and where to look for hidden mold that other restoration companies often miss.

We Protect Your Home and Your Health

Before beginning our work, we make sure mold spores don’t spread and contaminate indoor air quality. Our technicians install physical containment barriers that seal off all affected areas. These biohazard control strategies are effective even against toxic black mold.

You Enjoy Complete Property Restoration

It’s not unusual for mold damage to spread through materials surrounding the original growth. Our highly trained professionals restore everything to its original condition. Whether it’s broken pipe repair, baseboard replacement or wall reconstruction, we can handle the job.

Call us today and let us restore your home from mold: 312-707-8597

The Dangers of Mold 

If you’ve never dealt with mold, you may wonder why it’s so important to hire a professional mold remediation company to get rid of it. In addition to the fact that mold is unsightly, it can also cause a wide array of problems.

Some mold spores are capable of growing for years after they are produced. Additionally, some spores remain allergenic regardless of whether they’re alive. When mold spores are present, they can create the following problems:

  • Damaged wood, carpeting, tiles, and other materials. When mold affects your building materials, it can cause extensive damage. In some cases, it’s impossible to clean affected building materials, and you’ll be forced to replace them, instead.
  • Collapsing walls. Since mold needs moisture to grow, it can lead to weakened and collapsing walls, drywall, and other building materials.
  • Worsened allergies. People who have allergies experience an overactive immune response when mold spores are present. Mold allergies can cause coughing, itchy, dry eyes, and restricted breathing.
  • Increased risk for asthma development. Mold spores can cause or worsen asthma, and may make asthma attacks more common or severe.
  • Coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness. Mold spores can cause a variety of unpleasant respiratory symptoms, including coughing and wheezing. Some people living in mold-infested environments may also experience headaches.
  • Additional symptoms. In some cases, mold exposure can cause skin irritation, fatigue, lung disease, or even cancer in very extreme cases.

Let Us Restore Your Peace of Mind

No one should live or work in an environment contaminated by toxic mold growth. It’s a problem that must be addressed as soon as possible. One phone call protects your property and your health.

ServiceMaster of Lake Shore stands ready to respond with Chicago’s best mold removal and mold remediation services. It’s our job to restore your property and your peace of mind.


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