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How to Find a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Properties [10-Step Guide]

The best rental property cleanup keeps tenants happy and units full. It smooths the move-out process, and it gives you backup for big jobs like commercial carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning.

Knowing how to find a cleaning service for your rental properties saves valuable time and money.

10 Simple Steps to Find the Best Rental Property Cleaning Service

There are so many businesses that offer cleaning for property management companies in your area. You want to make the right decision, but you run on a tight schedule. Streamline the hiring process. Follow these 10 easy steps for connecting with the best commercial cleaning contractor for your property.

cleaning sofa in rental property chicago

1. Cross-Check Reviews and References

Start by comparing online reviews with references from other property managers. Draw up a short list of companies that get thumbs up from both sources. Pay attention to how these businesses respond to negative reviews online. Genuine concern for the customer indicates a high level of professionalism.

2. Know Your Expectations

You want specific services for your rental properties. Most cleaning companies offer standard packages, so make sure potential hires cover your expectations for these basics.

• Floors vacuumed and swept
• Furnishings and surfaces dusted
• Kitchens mopped and cleaned
• Bathrooms cleaned and sanitized

3. Ask About Current Customers

Years of experience count, but references from current customers carry weight too. A reliable rental property cleaning business builds up a strong base of satisfied property managers who are willing to share their positive experiences. Ask about reaching out to current clients.

4. Check for Industry Certifications

Certification in the cleaning industry requires high levels of specialized training across multiple fields. When you interview a company, ask about their technician training process. If the business is IICRC-certified, you know you’re dealing with industry professionals.

5. Verify Company Insurance Coverage

Established cleaning businesses carry general liability insurance so that you and the company are covered in case of unforeseen events. Ask a prospective hire for coverage verification including workers comp insurance.

6. Look for the Best Fit

As you talk with cleaning contractors, look for a company that handles your type of property. High-rise condos, apartment complexes and home rentals all require different levels of staffing and scheduling.

cleaning carpet in rental property in chicago

Whether you’re lining up services for one or multiple locations, you want a cleaning business that fits your needs.

7. Look Behind Pricing

Reputable cleaning contractors expect you to ask about pricing details. Transparency is important, but look behind the numbers. Different companies may offer the same services at different prices.

A high quote might include a contractor’s commitment to green cleaning processes. A low bid could be based on a company’s larger business volume and scheduling efficiency. You want accurate estimates, but you need to understand why different companies offer different quotes for similar services.

8. Assess the Extras

Most property managers don’t need specialized cleaning or emergency services on a regular basis. When you do face an unusual situation, it’s good to know you can count on your cleaning contractor. These are just a few of the extra services that make a difference.

cleaning bathroom tile in chicago rental property

• Deep cleaning for rental properties
• Exterior power washing and graffiti removal
• Property-wide air duct cleaning
Hoarder cleanup services
• Emergency fire and water damage cleanup

9. Confirm Scheduling Options

Commercial rental properties and residential rentals require different cleaning schedules. Make sure the company you choose can handle working around your property’s timetable. This is especially important if you manage multiple properties across a large area or need services for different property types.

10. Consider Green Cleaning Options

Green cleaning can be a big selling point with commercial and residential tenants. Ask if the cleaning business offers eco-friendly services. Green Seal certification is your assurance that the company uses cleaning products, equipment and techniques that meet established environmental safety standards.

Trust Your Business Sense

Cleaning rental properties is part of a well-established industry. A successful cleaning company adheres to industry standards that reflect the highest levels of professionalism.

As you meet and talk with prospective cleaning contractors, trust your business sense. Clear communication, detailed service explanations and pricing transparency are all sure signs you’re dealing with a cleaning company you can count on now and in the future.

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