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How to Maintain the HVAC System in Your Chicago Building

Try to imagine Chicago businesses without commercial building HVAC systems. It happens more often than you might think. When heating, cooling or ductwork equipment fails, the expense doesn’t end with HVAC repairs.

You have to deal with tenant disruptions, lost business and unhappy employees. As a property owner or facility manager in Chicago, HVAC problems can quickly add up to losses you can’t afford.

We can help. As Chicago’s leading commercial cleaning company, we know what it takes to keep a building operating in top shape. Let’s look at your DIY options for in-house HVAC maintenance.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Property HVAC Maintenance?

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We all know how quickly Chicago temperatures can fluctuate from warm to freezing. Customers, employees and tenants in your building depend on its HVAC system for comfortable interiors.

Keeping up with HVAC maintenance insulates everyone in the building from Chicagoland summers and winters. It also delivers these important benefits.

• Better Air Circulation – Well-maintained HVAC equipment efficiently circulates fresh air throughout the property.

• Longer System Life – Regular HVAC maintenance ensures smooth equipment operation and extended system life.

Fewer Repairs – Scheduled inspections catch small problems before they become expensive HVAC repair headaches.

• Lower Energy Costs – Routine maintenance maximizes HVAC efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

Clean Ductwork – Professionally cleaned air ducts keep the building free of unhealthy airborne contaminants.

Cleaner Interiors – Clean ductwork reduces dust particles that settle on office furniture and expensive electronics.

How Can I Maintain My Building’s HVAC System?

Optimal HVAC system performance depends on regular, building-wide maintenance. Bringing in pros once a month for commercial HVAC maintenance isn’t practical, but there are things you can take care of.

Start by working out an in-house maintenance schedule that includes these seven HVAC system checks.

1. Regularly Change Out Filters

Inspect HVAC return vent filters at least once a month. Change them out as soon as they appear dirty. Keep a stock of different sized filters handy in supply closets on each floor of the building.

2. Give Vents Breathing Room

Keep an eye on all interior vents and make sure they aren’t blocked by recently moved furniture or stacked boxes. Give them at least 3 feet of clearance for maximum air circulation.

3. Check Drip Pans and Condensate Lines

Be on the lookout for standing water in AC and furnace drip pans. This is usually a sign of clogged condensate lines that can leak water through ceilings below and into surrounding walls.

4. Adjust Programmable Thermostats

If you haven’t upgraded the building’s HVAC system with programmable thermostats, now is a good time. If you’re already enjoying the energy savings, be sure to confirm thermostat calibrations on a regular basis.

5. Keep Exterior Units Clean

hvac cleaning tips chicago

Whether your commercial property’s HVAC condensers are located on the ground or up on the roof, keep them free of leaves and debris. Trim grass and shrubs away from ground level units.

6. Give Equipment Visual Inspections

Once a month, give all HVAC equipment a visual inspection. A strong flashlight helps you spot potential problems, such as rusting components, faulty wiring, leaking lines or damaged ductwork.

7. Sniff the Air

During your visual inspections, pay attention to air quality around the units. Strong, musty odors are often signs of moldy ductwork, damaged drip pans or leaking condensate lines. Acidic, burning smells need immediate attention because they indicate dangerous electrical issues.

What Can Go Wrong With the Ductwork in My Chicago Building?

HVAC maintenance in commercial settings focuses on major components, such as cooling towers, condensers and evaporators. However, the condition of your building’s ductwork is just as important to overall system performance.

Air ducts channel air through a ventilation network of supply and return trunks and take-off branches. Energy-efficient HVAC systems in commercial facilities can’t do their job without well-insulated, clean air ducts. These are just a few of the problems that can compromise your building’s ductwork.

• Rusty joints and cracked materials
• Weakened trunk and branch connections
• Accumulated dirt and organic debris
• Unhealthy mold inside air duct components
• Contamination from outside air pollution

Can I Maintain and Clean the Ductwork in My Commercial Property?

As we’ve noted, you can take care of basic HVAC maintenance. Try to make it as routine as keeping building interiors clean. However, cleaning air ducts in your commercial property isn’t a project for in-house maintenance. Navigating and cleaning the network requires special equipment and certified training.

Maintaining a healthy ductwork system belongs in the hands of cleaning industry professionals. When you bring in an experienced Chicago commercial cleaning company, you’re assured of these benefits.

Ducts are cleaned building-wide with specialized equipment.
• Truck-mounted and portable vacuuming systems reduce cleaning time.
• Heavy-duty HEPA filters control and contain the cleanup work.
• Industry-certified mold removal and remediation services are part of the job.
• Technicians spot any air duct problems that might need attention from HVAC pros.
• Professional duct cleaning addresses a variety of issues, including smoke damage and biological contamination

It’s a good idea to have your property’s air ducts professionally cleaned every few years. When you partner with a full-service cleaning company in Chicago, you have access to ductwork cleaning as needed. You also have a team that handles emergency air duct situations, such as building-wide biohazard exposure or the aftermath of a fire.

Does the Ductwork in Your Chicago Property Need Cleaning? Give Us a Call

Keeping the ductwork clean in your commercial building is a critical part of HVAC maintenance. We know because it’s a job we take care of every day. Property owners and facility managers all across Chicago depend on ServiceMaster by Lake Shore for industry-certified air duct cleaning.

When we clean your building’s ductwork, you can count on fresh interiors and healthier indoor air. We’re here for emergencies too with a full line of commercial cleaning and restoration services. Our teams are just around the corner in the heart of downtown Chicago.

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